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Links to movement sites and resources for activists

Web Link NUJ solidarity with Palestinian journalists in Gaza: add your support

Web Link Venezuela Shows Solidarity with Palestine

Web Link RMT: Spending cuts threaten safety of passengers and rail workers

Web Link PCS: Passport workers to strike over staff shortages

Web Link Noura Erakat: Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza—Debunked

Web Link Petition: BBC - Organise debate on Israel-Palestine coverage

Web Link London Underground Sodexo staff to strike in union victimisation dispute

Web Link PCS: Tax workers stage more strikes over job cuts

Web Link The Fire Brigades Union statement deplores horrific attacks on Gaza

Web Link Firefighters issue further eight days of strike action

Web Link Petition: Suspend the Israeli Football Association's FIFA membership

Web Link Sign the letter condemning The Guardian advert branding those opposing Israel in Gaza as 'child killers'

Web Link Palestinians express 'solidarity with the people of Ferguson' in Mike Brown statement

Web Link Interview with Tariq Ali: Israel, Palestine, ISIS and Obama's Iraq strategy

Web Link Why Isis eyes are smiling at US insanity in Iraq and Syria

Web Link Over 300 Survivors and Descendants of Survivors of Victims of the Nazi Genocide Condemn Israel’s Assault on Gaza

Web Link Ali Abunimah: Israel lost the war in Gaza but the struggle for justice goes on

Web Link Petition: Grant Sushilananda Sraman leave to remain in the UK

Web Link Assed Baig: Let's not make child grooming about ethnicity, but we can talk about race if you'd like

Web Link Seumas Milne: Far from keeping the peace, Nato is a threat to it

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