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Iraq: the Invisible War

Invisible warThe US continues to paint a rosy picture of progress in Iraq but the reality is one of poverty, violence, torture and political corruption in a country still suffering from sanctions, the invasion and the continuing imperial plunder of its resources.

  • Written by Kamil Mahdi
  • Category: Iraq

Hans Von Sponeck: An Open Letter to Tony Blair

Blair by KennardAn open letter to war to war criminal Tony Blair by Hans von Sponeck - former UN assistant secretary general and UN humanitarian co-ordinator for Iraq from 1998 until he resigned in protest in March 2000.

  • Written by Hans von Sponeck
  • Category: Iraq

Iraqi election - a report from Baghdad

Iraqi woman with flagThe Iraqi parliamentary elections took place on Sunday 7th of March. Hani Lazim of Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation reports from Baghdad.

  • Written by Hani Lazim, Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation, in Baghdad
  • Category: Iraq

Hans von Sponeck: Cultural Cleansing in Iraq

Cultural Cleansing in IraqHans von Sponeck reviews Cultural Cleansing in Iraq, an account of the destruction of Iraq’s heritage and the assassination its intellectual elite in the wake of the US/UK invasion.

  • Written by Hans-C. von Sponeck
  • Category: Iraq

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