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Iraq: the Invisible War

Invisible warThe US continues to paint a rosy picture of progress in Iraq but the reality is one of poverty, violence, torture and political corruption in a country still suffering from sanctions, the invasion and the continuing imperial plunder of its resources.

  • Written by Kamil Mahdi
  • Category: Iraq

Hans Von Sponeck: An Open Letter to Tony Blair

Blair by KennardAn open letter to war to war criminal Tony Blair by Hans von Sponeck - former UN assistant secretary general and UN humanitarian co-ordinator for Iraq from 1998 until he resigned in protest in March 2000.

  • Written by Hans von Sponeck
  • Category: Iraq

Iraqi election - a report from Baghdad

Iraqi woman with flagThe Iraqi parliamentary elections took place on Sunday 7th of March. Hani Lazim of Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation reports from Baghdad.

  • Written by Hani Lazim, Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation, in Baghdad
  • Category: Iraq

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