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Clare Solomon, President of London University union, launched the greatest round of student activism yet as parliament set a date for a vote on the hike in tuition fees.

She called for a massive effort by all student activists to make the national demonstration on Thursday 9 December the greatest mobilisation ever by students.

She said: 'We want every college occupied in the run up to this demonstration. We want every occupation to be an organising centre for booking coaches and mobilising students for this demonstration.'

'Teachers and lecturers need to send a clear statement to their managements that schools and colleges are going to be closed on that day and that they will be on the streets with the students'.

'This is the fight of our lives and we don't intend to lose it'

John Rees from the Coalition of Resistance said: 'I expect many working people to be out with the students on the 9th December. They know that the students are just the start and that the government will be coming after them next.'

He added: 'The Coalition of Resistance will be working flat out to make this a huge demonstration and we are saying to people all over the country 'be here now, your future and that of your children is at stake'.'

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