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Van loads of Police appear on London campus as students around the country step up occupations and protests against the Con-Dem education plans on the eve of the first parliamentary vote.

This page will be updated with reports, images and videos as they come in.

Royal College of the Arts occupies

Blog - http://longnightrca.blogspot.com/

Camden Student to LibDem whip "You are the Nasty Party"

LibDem whip Norman Lamb MP taken apart by 17 year old Camden Student.

Worcester Protest

SOAS Tutors Give Public Lecture Inside Bank To Protest Against Education Cuts

Students and Tutors from SOAS entered an HSBC bank in Tottenham Court Road and gave two short public lectures as a form of protest against the government's planned cuts in higher education.

Glasgow Occupation

Students forcing open the door to allow more students to join the occupation of the theatre studies building at the university of Glasgow, in protest over proposed cuts to education funding. Students, who had been occupying all day, come down to force open the door and let more students in. Police attempt to drag them out but they resist and reoccupy the theatre.

Students occupying SOAS and Birkbeck college in London have had their campus patrolled by large numbers of police in an apparent attempt to intimidate them on the eve of a planned march to Parliament.

Flashmob at Euston station

Members of the public speaking at assembly like gathering

Euston teach in. Nice one. on Twitpic

Leeds Protest

Preston Protest

Video footage of the UCLan students protest against higher tuition fees held on 8 December 2010 in the city centre.
Filmed by Daniel Bentley | Edited by Joseph Stashko

Goldsmiths students protest outside Simon Hughes's Office

Goldsmiths Students protesting at Simon Hughes's office on Wed 8th December sing their own version of Santa Claus is coming to town.

Manchester Protest


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