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First baby arrested since government's end child detention pledge is at this moment being rushed towards danger in Pakistan

Sehar and WanyaAt lunch-time today (Saturday 22 May) 8 month old baby Wania and her terrified mother, Sehar Shebaz are in a van on their way to the airport. They are due to be deported at 5pm.

Campaigners are flooding the Home Office and the Airline with pleas to halt the deportation.

Sehar — from Pakistan — and her baby Wania, who have been living lawfully in Glasgow for three years, were snatched on Monday when reporting as required every fortnight to the authorities.

Whisked to Dungaval prison, detained and then taken the 350 miles to Yarl’s Wood detention centre, they are now being driven to the airport.

Sehar is the victim of well-documented domestic violence here in the UK. Her escape from her husband is extremely likely to incur retributive violence soon after she sets foot in Pakistan. Her life and her baby’s life are at risk.

Damian Green, immigration minister, has refused to give Sehar compassionate leave to remain despite receiving copies of police reports and letters from Blackburn Women’s Aid supporting her claims of domestic violence.

Campaigners are urging supporters to make last ditch appeals for clemency.


Home Office reference number S1369454
This information comes from :
Robina (qureshi)
07530 690 234

Home Office contact details below.

Campaigners are urging people to.
Please Fax, email or call Pakistan International Airlines. You can use the model text letter at http://www.paih.org/ <http://www.paih.org/> or you may wish to write your own. Fax: 0208 741 9376 Tel: 0207 287 3342... Email:[email protected] Address to, Mr. Farooq Ibrahim, General Manager, Pakistan International Airlines
Thank you, Esme
A draft of letter

Mr. Farooq Ibrahim
General Manager
Pakistan International Airlines
1-15 King Street
London W6 9HR

22 May 2010

Dear Mr. Ibrahim

Please I call on your compassion and understanding, as I write to you urgently about Sehar Shebaz and her baby daughter Wanya, residents of Glasgow, who are due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Pakistani Airlines flight PK758 at 17.00hrs on Saturday 22nd May 2010.

Sehar’s husband is extremely violent - she fled from him in fear of her life and that of her baby daughter. If she is returned to Pakistan she will be at risk from her own family and her husband’s family. There is much evidence that women in her position when returned to Pakistan face imprisonment and even death.

Pakistan International Airlines could choose not to cooperate with the UK’s immigration policies and would gain respect and admiration from many across the UK. I therefore urge PIA not to co-operate with this forced removal of a vulnerable young women and her baby.

Yours sincerely,

Home Office contact details

Fax and email the Home Secretary and protest that this removal
should be cancelled.
Always quote the Home Office reference number S1369454
and send by fax or email to:

Theresa May (Home Secretary)
Fax: 020 8760 3132
(00 44 20 8760 3132 if you are faxing from outside UK)
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Damian Green, Immigration Minister [email protected]

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, novelist and award-winning investigative journalist, edits the Shine a Light project at OurKingdom, the UK arm of openDemocracy. Clare is a co-founder of End Child Detention Now.

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