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Austin V UK: The anti-protest revolution

revolutionThe European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the police tactic known as 'kettling' does not violate human rights. Ben Metters looks at the implications.

  • Written by Ben Metters
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Kurdish activists begin hunger strike in London

20 Kurdish activists will be on hunger strike from the 13th to the 17th of March in protest against increasing repression in Turkey. 

Fedbir, the Kurdish Federation of the UK, will be staging the hunger strike on the northern terrace of Trafalgar Square, in parallel with similar actions which have been taking place within Turkey and across Europe.
Hundreds of prisoners in Turkish jails, including imprisoned members of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party and other elected officials, have been on hunger strike since the end of February. The hunger strikes are a desperate plea to the Turkish government to halt the latest clampdown on Kurdish political organising and protest. In the last three years, over 8000 people - including elected MP’s mayors and local councillors, journalists, students, human rights activists, and academics - have been sent to prison in what Prime Minister Erdogan’s government refers to as counter-terrorism operations.
These operations constitute major violations of human rights. Arrests have been made over speeches, newspaper articles and poetic expression that support Kurdish rights in Turkey. Amnesty International has recently expressed its concern over the vague and broad anti-terror laws in Turkey. Turkey has defined terrorism not by actions and tactics but by political aims, which has led to thousands of individuals being prosecuted for membership of a terrorist organisation or for denigrating ‘Turkishness’.
The strikers are also demanding freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, the founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), who is currently jailed on the prison island of Imrali in almost complete isolation and without access to lawyers since July 2011. 36 members of Abdullah Ocalan’s defence team were also arrested and imprisoned in December 2011.
For more information contact Fedbir, Kurdish Federation UK.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Written by Anita de Klerk
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The DPP’s war on ‘hooligan’ protestors.

commentDirector of Public Prosecutions, Kier Starmer, today announced new guidelines in relation to prosecuting protesters. In short, he is attempting to distinguish between “good” and “bad” protestors.

  • Written by thestylishkidintheriot
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Radicalised by Tesco

Tesco Logo sppofTesco and companies like them have enormous power over the lives of their workers, and their behaviour shows that they can't be trusted writes Tesco worker Alex Francis.

  • Written by Alex Francis
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