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Yeezus Tour Verizon Centre Kayne West| Photo: Peter Hutchins – Wikimedia Commons | cropped from original | CC BY-SA 2.0 | license linked at bottom of article

The giant in the mirror: jeen-yuhs review

Coodie and Chike’s Netflix trilogy gives viewers an insight into the rise and troubles of creative powerhouse and hip-hop icon Kanye West, writes Mayer Wakefield

  • Written by Mayer Wakefield
  • Category: Film Review
Still from Top Boy. Source: Netflix

‘Gritty’ doesn’t cut it. Top Boy is back!

Top Boy is not an open criticism of the Tories but a criticism of the dire effects of austerity, neoliberalism and capitalism on communities like that of the Summerhouse Estate, writes Lucy Nichols

  • Written by Lucy Nichols
  • Category: Film Review

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