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Counterfire's three-part series on Lenin's thought and its relevance for socialists today

Sunday 15 May, 11am | Lenin on Imperialism with Shabbir Lakha


To kick off the series, Shabbir Lakha will be discussing Lenin's theory on imperialism, its relation to capitalism and what that means for anti-imperialists today.

Suggested reading:
1) Lenin, Imperialism: The highest stage of capitalism

2) Dragan Plavšić, What is imperialism? - explainer

3) John Rees, Imperialism: globalisation, the state and war

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Sunday 22 May, 11am | Lenin on the State with Holly Rigby


For the second session of Counterfire's series on Leninism in the 21st Century, Holly Rigby will be leading a discussion on Lenin's theory on the capitalist state and the need for revolutionary struggle against it.

Suggested reading:
1) Lenin, The State and Revolution

2) Paul Vernell, Classic Texts: a summary of Lenin's State and Revolution

3) Alex Snowdon, Unfinished Leninism: The Rise and Return of a Revolutionary Doctrine - book review

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Sunday 29 May, 11am | Lenin on Party and Class with Michael Lavalette


To wrap up Counterfire's series on Leninism in the 21st century, Michael Lavalette will be discussing Lenin's concept of a revolutionary organisation and its relation to the working class.

Suggested reading:
1) Lenin, What is to be done?

2) Chris Harman, Party and Class

3) John Rees, Strategy and Tactics

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Further reading for the series:

1) Georg Lukacs, Lenin: A Study on the Unity of His Thought

2) Tony Cliff, Lenin. Volumes One, Two and Three