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Cops off campus - a victory for students

ProtestKeeping the police off campus means building the biggest possible movement against the attack on education, and against austerity

  • Written by Feyzi Ismail & Sam Fairbairn
  • Category: Education

Cambridge: teachers' unity against Gove

Teachers march in Cambridge'Gove has achieved what once seemed impossible - uniting NUT and NASUWT. And you know what? We like working with each other. Unity is strength, and if Gove doesn’t listen, it will be his downfall'

  • Written by Orlando Hill
  • Category: Education

Striking back against Gove

This October will see the launch of a concerted campaign by teachers, students and parents to stop the human wrecking ball of education known as Michael Gove

  • Written by Sean Ledwith
  • Category: Education

Gove's education factories

Gove 1984 spoofFar from improving schools, the education secretary is trying to divide teachers and make the education system more viable for private sector providers, writes Martin Copson

  • Written by Martin Copson
  • Category: Education

The case of the Halesowen Four

Halesowen Four marchThe sacking of four Trade Unionists at Halesowen College in highly controversial circumstances sets a dangerous precedent argues Adam Tomes

  • Written by Adam Tomes
  • Category: Education

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