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Report from Counterfire's annual members' conference

At last weekend's national conference, Counterfire members discussed the political situation in-depth and took some important decisions about the way ahead for the organisation. Thanks to everyone who came and participated in a very energising event.

The first thing stressed was the sheer urgency and scale of the social crisis. The Tories' abysmal response to the pandemic is rooted in decades of neoliberal capitalism and decline and has helped create the biggest crisis in the UK since the Second World War. 

The second theme was the failure of the Labour leadership to respond, and the crisis this has created on the left and in the unions. 

The third main point was that all of this has contributed to a potentially explosive situation, one in which some workers are already fighting back including teachers, British Gas workers, Heathrow workers and more. 

Counterfire has nearly doubled its size in the last year and it was argued that in the current situation we can become a much more outgoing, active organisation capable of strengthening and shaping the movement in lots of areas. 

This involves both developing ideologically and relating to the movement in every area we can. It means especially focussing on trade unions and rank and file organisation and building solidarity with the growing number of strikes. 

It was stressed that everyone can play a role in this by getting active in local campaigns, by raising support for strikes, by helping to organise the People's Assembly locally and making sure this activity is reflected on the website. 

Conference agreed to have a monthly meeting of delegates from branches and caucuses together with the steering committee to discuss progress.

To read more about what was decided at conference you can find all the resolutions here.

Before you go...

Counterfire is expanding fast as a website and an organisation. We are trying to organise a dynamic extra-parliamentary left in every part of the country to help build resistance to the government and their billionaire backers. If you like what you have read and you want to help, please join us or just get in touch by emailing [email protected] Now is the time!

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