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Counterfire - at the heart of the struggle against the UK government's support for Israel's war on Gaza

The last few months have turned into a hot summer of resistance - help us to keep the heat on

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This has turned into a hot summer of resistance. There have been more street protests than in any summer in years. The excellent demonstrations and strikes against austerity on 21st June and 10th July have been followed by the biggest demos and days of action over Palestine ever.

We want to keep the heat on. Hundreds will be marching the length of the country on the 999 call for the NHS march, and thousands are due in South Wales for  Nato summit protests. All of this is building towards what is set to be an enormous TUC demonstration on October 18.

We are asking all our members and supporters to contribute to our hot summer appeal.

Counterfire has been at the centre of making this happen. We are at the core to the People's Assembly and the Palestine mobilisations. To help generate this upsurge and up our profile we have produced more leaflets, broadsheets and posters than ever before. We have also upgraded our website to great acclaim. The cutting edge liveblogs we have run on the site have provided up-to-the-minute activist reportage of the demos at a time when the media has been largely uninterested.

All this has helped build the movement and increased our impact. But to pay for it all and to continue the operation we need significant funds quickly.

We are asking members and supporters to rush donations to us urgently – we’re looking for donations of £50-£100 from those who can afford it, but all help is appreciated. Some of our running costs include the following:

  • 1,000 copies of our broadsheet costs £150
  • 1,000 leaflets cost £60
  • Running the new website costs £320 per month

Donate online

Other ways to donate

You can also donate by phoning the office on 020 3581 8876 or by sending a cheque payable to 'Counterfire' to the office: Unit 206, 39-41 North Rd London N7 9DP

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