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People's Assembly resolution submitted by the Counterfire steering committee



Conference notes:

  1. David Cameron's Guildhall speech in which he said that austerity would be 'permanent'.
  2. That the majority of public sector cuts have yet to be implemented.
  3. That austerity will continue after the next election whether Labour or the Tories are the largest party.
  4. The founding of the People's Assembly as the only credible, broad, national anti-austerity organisation which has support from across the trade union, labour, progressive and anti-cuts movement.
  5. The spread of some 80 Peoples' Assemblies across the country.
  6. The weak recovery in the UK economy.
  7. The recall Peoples' Assembly called for 15 March.
  8. The budget day 'Britain needs a pay rise' protests called by the Peoples' Assembly.
  9. The national anti-cuts demonstration called by the Peoples' Assembly for June.


Conference believes:

  1. That the Peoples' Assembly movement represents the best chance of defeating austerity.
  2. That the broad, inclusive model of Peoples' Assembly organisation is proving attractive and effective to tens of thousands of activists.
  3. That an effective anti-austerity movement can facilitate the revival of workplace confidence and increase the possibility of industrial action by trade unionists.
  4. That the effect of a weak recovery that does not raise working class living standards or stop the cuts will be to exacerbate anger at the government.
  5. That the participation of an active and ideologically clear revolutionary organisation is essential for the effective growth of the Peoples' Assembly.


Conference resolves:

  1. To make the building of effective local Peoples' Assemblies a priority campaign
  2. That every Counterfire member should participate in the Peoples' Assemblies at a local level and work to build the national events promoted by the Peoples' Assembly.
  3. That Counterfire should, in an open and non-sectarian manner, discuss with Peoples' Assembly activists the importance of revolutionary organisation and seek to involve them in Counterfire events.

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