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Preparing images for Counterfire with Pixlr

Using a free online image editing tool to prepare images for Counterfire articles - covering cropping to the correct size and optimising

Counterfire style rules

All articles on Counterfire must conform to a set of style rules to maintain consistency across the site, these rules are set out below

Video: how to embed video in an article.

Screencast shows how to add a video to Counterfire using the user account reserved for embedding code

Video: adding a custom module to Counterfire

This screencast shows you how to add a module to display embedded content in the right-hand column, it works with the embed code from Flickr, Issu and YouTube

Video: adding an article to Counterfire's front page slide show

Screencast covering image dimensions and ensuring the correct url displays

Video: changing the front page content on Counterfire

This short screencast covers how to add an article to the front page columns and how to change its position on the page