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  • Israel vs human rights: IDF raids Ramallah NGO

    Israeli police raid

    Attacking a human rights organisation is a brazen attempt to hide the brutal reality of the occupation, writes Thomas Gibbs

  • A Canadian genocide

    Justin Trudeau

    Challenging Canadian colonialism means challenging Canadian capitalism, argues John Clarke

  • Israeli elections: apartheid or apartheid-lite

    painting of apartheid wall

    Israelis have voted for their preferred version of apartheid - we must stand with the Palestians, writes Sybil Cock

  • March for Palestine: exist, resist, return

    National demonstration for Gaza, July 2014. Photo: Ricardo Esteban Pineda

    11 May is the mobilisation that the movement’s been waiting for, reports Sybil Cock

  • Israeli Eurovision boycott: let the battle begin 

    Israel's winning Eurovision performer Netta Barzilai performs at the contest on 12 May 2018. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    With the contest taking place in Tel Aviv this year, we must supercharge campaigners’ demands for a full boycott, argues Dave Randall

  • Palestine: a history of colonialism, occupation and resistance - Counterfire Media Podcast

    Shabbir Lakha on the history of Palestine and Tom Lock Griffiths on the excellent release They Came To a City' (1944) on DVD and Blu Ray in the fourth episode of Counterfire Media's Podcast

  • Why Israel is an apartheid state

    Israel's Wall in Bethlehem, West Bank, April 2011, on which has been neatly painted "free Palestine" in large letters.

    Israel’s history, from its origins in 1948's Nakba, is characterised by racism, violence and apartheid policies towards Palestinians, explains Sybil Cock

  • Antisemitism and apartheid

    boy in front of soldier and separation wall

    As Israel enshrines apartheid into law and Jeremy Corbyn is labelled an antisemite, Shabbir Lakha assesses the situation 

  • Why Labour must oppose Israel’s racist apartheid

    Protest in Parliament Square against false claims of antisemitism against Jeremy Corbyn, March 2018. Photo: Jewish Voice for Labour

    The Labour Party must not endorse Israeli violence, racism and apartheid policies as MPs have voted to do, argues Alex Snowdon

  • Israel enshrines apartheid into law

    Israel flag. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    While the Labour right try to conflate criticism of Israel with antisemitism, Israel just enshrined apartheid into law argues Mark Porciani

  • Obituary of anti-apartheid jazz legend Hugh Masekela (1939-2018)

    Photo: Flickr/Mário Pires

    Hugh Masekala, the jazz legend and anti-apartheid activist from South Africa, passed away last week. Dave Randall looks at his extraordinary life and pays tribute.

  • Ahed Tamimi's indictment paints a clear picture of apartheid Israel

    Cartoon: Carloss Latuff / Mondoweiss

    The treatment of Ahed Tamimi is not uncommon for the children of Palestine and shows Israel's systemic oppression of Palestinians clearly argues Shabbir Lakha

  • The subversive power of the UN Report that labelled Israel an 'apartheid' regime

    Israel Apartheid Week in Johannesburg. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    The US reaction to a UN report describing Israel as an apartheid state demonstrates its potential legal power as well as in the movement argues Nourhan Ashraf Elsayed

  • Selling Apartheid: South Africa's Global Propaganda War

    Ron Nixon’s Selling Apartheid shows how money and power can be used to promote even the most immoral and distasteful of causes, finds Jacqueline Mulhallen

  • Like Mandela, Palestinians are prisoners of an apartheid system

    Palestinian children running towards the Israeli wall. Photo: Wikipedia

    The occupation of Palestine by Israeli forces is not dissimilar to apartheid South Africa, argues Koos Mohammed

  • Arming Apartheid: the UK arms trade and Israel


    Campaigners are targeting UK arms companies as a new report exposes their role in supporting the infrastructure of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine reports Elliot Murphy

  • Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War against Apartheid

    Two leading activists of the fight against Apartheid, Ruth First and Joe Slovo, for the first time have received a comprehensive biography

  • Beyond Occupation

    Beyond Occupation is an important book that gives the reader rigorous and detailed arguments showing Israel’s colonial treatment of the Occupied Territories, argues Lindy Syson

  • Dinnae Dance with Israeli apartheid

    Sairah Tariq makes the case for joining the protest against the Israeli state-sponsored Batsheva dance company this Thursday, Friday and Saturday

    At this year’s prestigious Edinburgh International Festival (EiF) Israeli-state sponsored Batsheva Dance Company, who work within the Brand Israel project of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), will be performing over three nights from Thursday 30th August to Saturday 1st September and will then embark on a UK wide tour.

    Art and politics are not separate in this case as the MFA has stated Batsheva is ‘the best global ambassador of Israeli culture’. The dance company receives funding from the MFA which tries to draw attention to Israeli arts as to negate the focus from conflict and occupation of Palestine. As Arye Mekel of Israeli’s MFA has said ‘We send well-known novelists and writers overseas, theatre companies, exhibits…This way you show Israeli’s prettier face, so we are not thought of purely in the context of war’.

    The Jewish Chronicle has reported that an Israel’s Minister of Sports and Culture, Limor Livnat, will be attending one of the three performances, this politicises the Batsheva performances despite the director of EiF’s repeated attempts to deny the link between the dance company and the Israeli Government. An open letter was published in the Herald yesterday signed by writers and artists including Liz Lochhead, Iain Banks, Tom Leonard, AL Kennedy and Raja Shehadeh condemning Jonathon Mills, director of EiF, refusal to cancel the performances.

    Hana Awaad of El Funoun, one of Palestine’s dance troupes, encapsulates Israel’s cultural apartheid well when she states:

    ‘While Israeli artists and performers have freedom to tour, exhibits and performances by Palestinian artists are systematically banned, sabotaged and closed down by the Israeli occupation. Artists themselves are targets of violence, arbitrary arrests and deportations. Israeli’s three-tiered system of occupation, colonisation and apartheid ruthlessly suffocates the livelihoods of Palestinian communities, including the right to artistic and cultural expression’.

    The boycott of Batsheva is a response to The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) which calls for a boycott of all cultural performers and exhibiters that are institutionally linked to the Israeli state. It is part of a broader Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign called in 2005 by over 200 Palestinian civil society organisations. These campaigns allow individuals, organisations and festival organisers across the world to take a stand against Zionism. Israel has illegally occupied Palestine since 1948, with the Palestinians living under brutal conditions. We should not welcome Batsheva Dance Company who receives its funding from a state that practices apartheid and suppresses Palestinian culture. Challenge their presence and join the protests on the following dates to take a stand against Brand Israel.

    6pm Thursday 30 August

    7pm Friday 31 August

    7pm Saturday 1 September at Edinburgh Playhouse on Leith Walk

    From the ISG site

  • Rafeef, Ben and Mbuyiseni on Israeli Apartheid Week

    RafeefIsraeli Apartheid Week has grown since its beginnings in 2005, Frank Barat speaks to Rafeef, Ben and Mbuyiseni about what apartheid means in the Palestinian context and Israel's reaction to IAW.

  • Remi Kanazi - 'This poem will not end apartheid', London, 12.11.11

    VIEW IN HD Remi Kanazi is a poet, writer, and activist based in New York City. He is the editor of Poets For Palestine (Al Jisser Group, 2008). His political commentary has been featured by news outlets throughout the world, including Al Jazeera English, GRITtv with Laura Flanders, and BBC Radio. His poetry has taken him across North America, the UK, and the Middle East, and he recently appeared in the Palestine Festival of Literature as well as Poetry International. He is a recurring writer in residence and advisory board member for the Palestine Writing Workshop.
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  • Ali Abunimah & David Cronin: Israeli apartheid and beyond - video

    Two of the foremost analysts on the Middle East Conflict speak about the struggle against Israeli Apartheid in a talk chaired by Oxford academic Dr Karma Nabulsi and hosted by Palestine Solidarity Campaign and KCL Action Palestine.

  • David Cronin: Israeli apartheid and beyond. 24.3.11, London

    In a talk chaired by Oxford academic Dr Karma Nabulsi, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and KCL Action Palestine hosted two of the foremost analysts on the Middle East Conflict: Ali Abunimah - After Apartheid: Getting to justice and equality in Palestine - Journalist, author and co-founder and executive director of Electronic Intifada www.electronicintifada.net David Cronin -- Europe's Complicity with Israeli Apartheid - Journalist, author and Brussels correspondent of Inter Press Service news agency dvcronin.blogspot.com Cronin was recently in the news after he attempted to perform a citizen's arrest on Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman: www.youtube.com
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  • Israel, apartheid and the settlements

    apartheid wallDespite being commonly described as “the only democracy in the middle east”, Israel is an apartheid state designed to dominate the lives of Palestinians.