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  • Brazil: documenting the movement against Bolsonaro

    May 15th demo, Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Mavanio Matheus

    After the first mass, national anti-Bolsonaro demonstration and ahead of the second on 30 May, Lilian Hill speaks to Mavanio Matheus about photodocumenting and taking part in the social movement

  • Global school strike for climate kicks off

    Young girls with placards

    Thousands of school students across the world have already taken to the streets in today's coordinated stand against climate change, reports John Westmoreland

  • Movement gears up for fightback against austerity

    We are the minus 99%, Britain is Broken demo, Jan 12, 2019. Photo: Jim Aindow

    The Britain is Broken campaign is striking hard at the heart of austerity, writes Kevin Vickers

  • Why you should be on the protest that could bring down the government

    Theresa May. Photo: wikimedia commons

    John Rees on why the coming demonstration on the night of the Brexit vote could be the beginning of the end for the Tory government

  • Stop Tommy Robinson, All out for 17 November - Counterfire Freesheet November 2018

    Opposing the far right, people's vote, police racism, precarious workers, climate chaos, universal credit and more in this month's Counterfire freesheet

  • National Unity Demonstration against Racism and Fascism: unite against the right

    Stand up to Racism protest against Tommy Robinson

    With the far right gaining strength at home and across the continent, this demonstration provides the left with a crucial opportunity to fight back, writes David McAllister 

  • 'If women stop, the world stops': a view from the mass women’s strike in Spain

    Madrid on 8th March 2018 during the mass women's strike. Photo: Youtube

    After huge strikes and protests in Spain, the message on the ground is to stay in the streets

  • Why I took on Jacob Rees-Mogg and his despicable views on austerity

    People's Assembly activists demonstrated at a public meeting Jacob Rees-Mogg was speaking at. Photo: Steve Sweeney

    Shabbir Lakha explains why the People's Assembly protested Jacob Rees-Mogg and takes on some of the myths around austerity

  • People power: thousands march to tell Theresa May she has to go

    A banner from the demonstration. Photo: Bristol People's Assembly

    A hundred thousand people took to the streets on Saturday to oppose the Tories and put them on notice, Jonathan Maunders reports.

  • The movement is growing: teaching assistants on the front foot in Durham

    Teaching assistant protest in Durham on Saturday 25 March. Photo: Megan Charlton

    Durham teaching assistants brought together people from across the country in a huge show of solidarity

  • Fantastic march for our NHS

    Protestor at 'Our NHS' demonstration on 4 March. Photo: Jim Aindow

    A huge 'Our NHS' demonstration was passionately addressed by Jeremy Corbyn. He must be a part of the movement for change, argues Lindsey German

  • Refugees are welcome here: Newcastle trumps racism

    Anti-Trump protesters at Grey's Monument, Newcastle, 30 January 2017

    Trumpism’s first clash with the North East’s rich anti-racist tradition shall not be the last, reports Dawn Warcup

  • Socialists and mass protest: thoughts on the Women's Marches

    Women's march on London, 2017. Photo: Jim Aindow

    How should socialists orient to mass protests?

  • The Women's Marches are just the beginning

    Women's march on London, 2017. Photo: Jim Aindow

    This can be the start of a new wave of dissent, argues Lindsey German

  • London marches with the world for women

    Protestors at the International Women's March, London 2017. Photo: Jim Aindow

    Protests took place across the world, celebrating and defending women, as well as opposing misogynist Trump. Sophie De Val reports from London

  • SOAS and the fight against precarity

    United for Education demonstration, 19 November 2016, London. Photo: FFFP

    Reporting the extent of precarity across the university sector in Britain is welcome but precarious work needs to end now, argues Carrie Benjamin

  • Culture matters to us all

    Photo: flickr / Abhi Sharma

    As libraries, galleries and museums face cuts across the board, Jonathan Maunders reports from the fight-back on the streets

  • Corbyn, democracy and the movement

    Protestors at the 2003 anti-war demonstration in London. Photo: Wikipedia

    Opposing imperialism through the movement on the streets is imperative, argues Lindsey German

  • Durham Miners Gala: an inspiring day

    Jeremy Corbyn speaking at the Miners' Gala in 2015. Photo: durhamminers.org

    As the coup from the Labour right is launched, the Labour movement vehemently backs Jeremy Corbyn, writes Chris Nineham

  • Arguments against Trident: unnecessary, dangerous and wasteful

    A Trident missile armed 'Vanguard' class ballistic missile submarine leaving its base in the Firth of Clyde. Source: Wikipedia

    Tariq Ali and Lindsey German make the case against Trident, and spell out the need for anti-war, anti-nuclear opposition

  • Now is the time to Stop Trident

    Image: CND

    The Tories' plans to renew the Trident missile system are causing a revival of the anti-nuclear movement, writes Kate Hudson

  • Don’t just watch: The logic of Corbyn’s rise revealed

    Jeremy Corbyn speaking outside parliament about the government's arms deals with Bahrain | Source: Wikimedia

    Corbyn's rise is only the most recent expression of a long term trend towards a more radical and left-wing politics, argues Chris Nineham

  • NHS staff march against plans to scrap bursary

    Student nurses march against cuts

    Callum Thomas reports on today's demonstration by student nurses, midwives and allied health professionals against the government's proposed scrapping of NHS bursaries

  • NHS action spreads: student nurses protest - podcast

    Student nurses protest. Photo: Screen grab from Unison video

    We caught up with student nurse Danielle Tiplady, one of the organisers of tomorrow's demonstration against the scrapping of student bursaries

  • After the Paris climate talks: stay in the streets

    More than 300,000 march in solidarity for Climate accountability, at the People's Climate March on September 21, 2014. Photo: Robert van Waarden

    A turning point in human history? Elaine Graham-Leigh takes a closer and more critical look at what the Paris talks really mean for our planet

  • Saturday's demonstration can be historic

    It is the anti-war demonstration on 12 December, not Hilary Benn's speech which is likely to prove historic

  • Video: junior doctors protest - Hunt must go!

    Speeches from the protest in support of junior doctors held on Saturday 18 October 2015. Video by Paul Hanes

  • Demonstrate at Tory Conference – and build a new left

    Anti-cuts demonstration

    To defend labour rights and stop further brutal austerity the TUC national demonstration on 4 October is crucial, writes Bristol Counterfire’s Tom Vaughan

  • Why Marx's Manifesto is still a revolutionary bestseller

    Karl Marx

    The new Penguin edition of Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto was an immediate bestseller. It’s even on sale in Tesco’s. Katherine Connelly explains why this book should be on your shopping list

  • This is only the beginning

    The massive End Austerity Now demonstration must be a springboard for more activity, locally and nationally

  • Live blog: End Austerity Now protest

    Rolling coverage from the build up and the day - submit your reports, images and videos using the hashtag #EndAusterityNow on Facebook and Twitter

  • John Berger: the nature of mass demonstrations

    CGT demonstration in Place de la République, Paris, May 1968. Photograph: Giles Caron

    Demonstrations express political ambitions before the political means necessary to realise them have been created argues John Berger in this article by from May 1968