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  • The Great Firewall of China - book review

    Hopes for the internet as a tool of liberation fall foul of the dominance of corporate interests, in the West as well as China, argues Elaine Graham-Leigh

  • Black Ops Advertising

    black ops advertising

    Black Ops Advertising is a startling and entertaining critique of new forms of advertising, but the solution lies in collective organising, argues Lindy Syson

  • Internet security or the preparation for a new gagging law?

    Face-sitting protest outside Parliament. Photo by Leon Neal/AFP Photo

    New internet security legislation is being presented as child protection, in reality it's an attempt to further restrict freedom of expression for the wider public argues Anita de Klerk

  • The Power of the Internet in China

    The rise of the internet in China is explored in Guobin Yang's sophisticated analysis, posing questions for the potential of activism and social change, finds Dan Poulton

  • Digital Disconnect

    McChesney writes that the dangers and possibilities of the internet need to be seen in the context of capitalist relations, finds Peter Stauber