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John Mullen

John Mullen is a lifelong revolutionary socialist living in the Paris area and is a supporter of the France Insoumise.

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Title Created Date
After fifty years, Le Pen’s party is more dangerous than ever 10 November 2022
Where is France Insoumise going? 01 September 2022
French Assembly elections: Bad blow for Macron as polarisation deepens 20 June 2022
Can France's new left alliance make a difference? 01 June 2022
Polarisation in France: fight Le Pen and build the left 11 April 2022
France election: The usefulness and limits of Jean-Luc Mélenchon - long read 09 April 2022
France: Vaccination, Health Pass Protests, and the Left 05 August 2021
A promising fight back against fascism in France 16 June 2021
How dangerous is Marine Le Pen? 06 May 2021
France: build the movement against Islamophobia 26 October 2020
Paris protest supports Black MP against racist magazine 06 September 2020
Macron switches prime minister as his Thatcherite plan flounders 06 July 2020
Macron and the shockwaves 21 March 2020
France: Macron stokes up Islamophobia to deflect from the movement to defend pensions 24 February 2020
What next for the French strikers? 24 January 2020
Macron makes more concessions to strikers but the battle continues 13 January 2020
New year, same struggle: French strikes move into second month 06 January 2020
Macron had a bad month, but what will it take to break his pensions bill? 27 December 2019
All power to French workers - report from Paris 11 December 2019
France strikes against Macron's neoliberal war on pensions 05 December 2019

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