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Mona Kamal

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Title Created Date
Coronavirus statistics lay bare the dire racial inequalities of our society 14 May 2020
Government failures laid bare by highest death toll in Europe - CounterBlast 5 May 05 May 2020
Austerity has left the NHS unable to deal with this pandemic effectively - video 04 April 2020
Johnson squandered precious time to deal with Covid-19, NHS workers demand urgent action 22 March 2020
Stop the profiteering: requisition the private hospital beds 16 March 2020
Windrush all over again: Johnson's racist society takes shape 11 February 2020
Honouring Iain Duncan Smith is an insult to his victims 28 December 2019
What the government wants us to forget on Remembrance Day 09 November 2019
Boris Johnson should be booed out of every NHS hospital in Britain 05 November 2019
The hostile environment and Fortress Europe are responsible for the 39 dead 24 October 2019
Suicide rates at 20 year high: an indictment of Tory austerity 10 September 2019
Chuka's core values: privatisation, austerity and war 19 February 2019
Austerity and the damage done: the crisis in mental health care 18 February 2019
Israel's crimes cannot go unanswered 22 November 2018
Philip Green: an embodiment of the system not an anomaly 28 October 2018
Another World Mental Health Day, another hollow Tory proposal 10 October 2018
Kensington and Chelsea: a tale of two boroughs 05 July 2017
The Grenfell Tower fire could have been avoided: this government must be held responsible 14 June 2017
NHS: close to breaking point 12 January 2017
Daniel Blake: an everyday tragedy 02 December 2016

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