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Shabbir Lakha

Shabbir Lakha is a Stop the War officer, a People's Assembly activist and a member of Counterfire.

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Title Created Date
Retreating won't stop the attacks on Corbyn and the left 17 November 2020
US elections: Trump hasn’t won, but the Democrats have failed 04 November 2020
This is a fight: there is no unity with the Labour right 02 November 2020
The SpyCops bill is an attack on us all: it must be resisted 30 October 2020
The use and abuse of Black History Month 28 October 2020
End Sars, Buhari must go: London rallies in solidarity with Nigeria 26 October 2020
What the US state does to anti-imperialists: The Trial of the Chicago 7 review 21 October 2020
There would have been no Corbynism without Corbyn: a review of This Land 15 October 2020
Extend the eviction ban now! 16 September 2020
This is about all our rights: don't extradite Assange protest 07 September 2020
Where does racism come from? - video 01 September 2020
Exam fiasco: students and teachers take to the streets 15 August 2020
TikTok Trump don't stop 03 August 2020
The Met Police is using software that racially profiles ethnic groups 28 July 2020
BLM and the labour movement come together - Chris Smalls interview 23 July 2020
A wealth tax is a bare minimum, why is Labour not demanding it? 17 July 2020
UK police: racist to the core - CounterBlast 07 July 2020
Maxine Peake is right: US and Israeli state violence is linked 25 June 2020
Johnson is gambling with our lives. Why is Starmer backing the bet? - CounterBlast 24 June 24 June 2020
Racism is systemic, so why are we still talking about privilege? 21 June 2020

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