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Shabbir Lakha

Shabbir Lakha is a Stop the War officer, a People's Assembly activist and a member of Counterfire.

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Title Created Date
By-election blow: Boris' bad days are just beginning 24 June 2022
We have no confidence in Boris Johnson, kick him out - video 07 June 2022
Lenin on imperialism - video 16 May 2022
'Le Pen is the life insurance of the system': Interview with Danièle Obono 22 April 2022
Refugees are welcome here: Protesters stand up to Boris and Priti's racist plan 15 April 2022
1 April energy price hike: the joke's on us 01 April 2022
Can the BBC be reformed? - Interview with Tom Mills 10 March 2022
Marxism and Oppression - video 20 February 2022
Cost of living crisis: We must resist the Tory assault 11 February 2022
Solidarity is a verb: hundreds protest in London against Sheikh Jarrah evictions 22 January 2022
Sorry, not sorry: Boris Johnson's got to go 13 January 2022
Amazon: time the bosses reaped the whirlwind 12 December 2021
'The fight goes on': The struggle for justice for Assange continues as US wins appeal 10 December 2021
The other shoe dropped: Clarks strikers defeat fire-and-rehire 02 December 2021
Going for gold: Striking staff and students stand strong at Goldsmiths 30 November 2021
Murder in the Channel 26 November 2021
'We're fighting for the soul of Goldsmiths': three-week #GoldStrike starts with a bang 23 November 2021
Modi’s meltdown: India’s farmers reap the rewards of their resistance 19 November 2021
'A new world is struggling to be born': Pamela Fitzpatrick on Starmer, poverty and the mood for change 14 October 2021
Does Starmer's Labour have a problem with trade unionists? - Interview with Ian Hodson 20 September 2021

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