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Shabbir Lakha

Shabbir Lakha is a Stop the War officer, a People's Assembly activist and a member of Counterfire.

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Title Created Date
Anti-Zionism is the antidote to Trump and Netanyahu 17 May 2019
Nia Griffith has to go, say Labour members 16 May 2019
We stand with Palestine: thousands march in solidarity 13 May 2019
Israel's attacks on the Palestinians started before any rockets 09 May 2019
Why we need a movement: Stop the War at Lowkey's concerts - video 04 May 2019
Local elections: a clear rejection of the Tories and austerity 03 May 2019
Third time unlucky for Theresa May 29 March 2019
Who's to blame for the rise of Islamophobic terrorist attacks? 21 March 2019
May's Brexit deal is dead: we need a general election now 12 March 2019
5 facts about Aipac and the Israel lobby that prove Ilhan Omar is right 07 March 2019
The attack on Chris Williamson is an attack on Corbyn and the left 27 February 2019
Revoking Shamima Begum’s citizenship is unjustifiable 20 February 2019
Bank of England told to return Venezuela's gold 07 February 2019
Neo-colonial tales: Western silence on Zimbabwe betrays hypocrisy on Venezuela 06 February 2019
London rallies against Venezuela coup and sanctions 31 January 2019
Labour’s immigration fudge – pandering to the right doesn’t work 30 January 2019
Workers from the MoJ and BEIS go on strike and take to the streets 22 January 2019
Yellow Vests against austerity march through London - photos 12 January 2019
Labour members back Corbyn – what the polls actually tell us 09 January 2019
Looking back at 2018: a year of protest in pictures 01 January 2019