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Shabbir Lakha

Shabbir Lakha is a Stop the War officer, a People's Assembly activist and a member of Counterfire.

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Title Created Date
Covid crisis: 10 demands unions should be making now 14 January 2021
2020: the year the mask fell off 31 December 2020
Palestine: a Covid Christmas under occupation 25 December 2020
Mohamed Bouazizi: the spark that set the Middle East on fire 18 December 2020
Deal or no deal? Johnson and the EU at loggerheads 12 December 2020
Not guilty: defend the Bristol activists who tore down Colston 10 December 2020
Sunak’s spending priorities: money for the rich, pay freeze for key workers 25 November 2020
Retreating won't stop the attacks on Corbyn and the left 17 November 2020
US elections: Trump hasn’t won, but the Democrats have failed 04 November 2020
This is a fight: there is no unity with the Labour right 02 November 2020
The SpyCops bill is an attack on us all: it must be resisted 30 October 2020
The use and abuse of Black History Month 28 October 2020
End Sars, Buhari must go: London rallies in solidarity with Nigeria 26 October 2020
What the US state does to anti-imperialists: The Trial of the Chicago 7 review 21 October 2020
There would have been no Corbynism without Corbyn: a review of This Land 15 October 2020
Extend the eviction ban now! 16 September 2020
This is about all our rights: don't extradite Assange protest 07 September 2020
Where does racism come from? - video 01 September 2020
Exam fiasco: students and teachers take to the streets 15 August 2020
TikTok Trump don't stop 03 August 2020

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