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Elaine Graham-Leigh

Elaine has been an environmental campaigner for more than a decade. She speaks and writes widely on issues of climate change and social justice, and is a member of Counterfire. She is the author of A Diet of Austerity: Class, Food and Climate Change and her latest book, Marx and the Climate Crisis is out now. 

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Title Created Date
England’s Other Countrymen: Black Tudor Society - book review 23 January 2020
SOAS goes on the attack with major cuts to casual academic staff 20 January 2020
The climate election that never happened 17 December 2019
What are the Greens' true colours? 08 December 2019
The Great Firewall of China - book review 24 October 2019
The Biofuels Deception: Going Hungry on the Green Carbon Diet - book review 19 September 2019
The problem with citizens’ assemblies 07 July 2019
Fully Automated Luxury Communism: Utopianism or revolutionary demand? 20 June 2019
Manual for Survival. A Chernobyl Guide to the Future - book review 23 May 2019
Exploring the Lives of Women 1558-1837 - book review 18 April 2019
Capitalism and climate change - can we avert disaster? - video 16 April 2019
Seven demands for stopping climate change 09 April 2019
Far-right terrorists and the meaning of the Battle of Tours 29 March 2019
Why stopping wars is essential for stopping climate change 22 March 2019
Climate Leviathan and A Foodie's Guide to Capitalism - book reviews 07 March 2019
Student strikes and climate change: demanding action not words 14 February 2019
The far right, grooming gangs and racist lies 20 October 2018
Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump - book review 18 October 2018
The summer of climate chaos 19 August 2018
Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States - book review 19 July 2018

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