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Cameron Panting

Cameron Panting was formerly National Organiser for Counterfire. He is active within the People's Assembly and Stop The War.

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Title Created Date
The government keeps moving their own goalposts - CounterBlast 1 May 01 May 2020
Whether Theresa May wins or loses this no confidence vote, her time is up 12 December 2018
Excising its credibility: Labour’s dilemma over top rate tax - weekly briefing 05 November 2018
North West London come out in voice against police violence in Harlesden and racism in wider society 09 October 2018
May Days review - a fitting tribute to Grenfell and a society fighting back 23 June 2018
Local elections: for the left, standing still is losing ground 04 May 2018
Lecturers' strike day two: ‘The things we have, we fought for on cold days like these’ 23 February 2018
'They think we are weak - they could not be more wrong': Goldsmiths kicks off against pension cuts 22 February 2018
The truth about the Football Lads Alliance 19 November 2017
The Acting Class review - A necessary declaration of intent from working-class actors 19 September 2017
Theresa’s new deal for workers? Give me a break. A paid one preferably 12 July 2017
Durham Miners' Gala: celebrating resistance 05 July 2017
Nurses find 'magic money tree' and deliver it to Department of Health 05 July 2017
The general election and our struggle for a better society 21 May 2017
It’s the Left that can beat Le Pen and fascism, not Macron 24 April 2017
NHS: the fight of our lives is on 07 March 2017
Free movement: taking the arguments forward 20 January 2017
What PMQs told us about Brexit and the NHS 18 January 2017
Goodbye Tristram Hunt, you won't be missed 14 January 2017
Taking back control: the movement hits the streets of Birmingham 03 October 2016

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