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Vladimir Unkovski-Korica

Vladimir Unkovski-Korica is a member of Marks21 in Serbia and a supporter of Counterfire. He is on the editorial board of LeftEast and teaches at the University of Glasgow.

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Title Created Date
Radical left and anti-capitalist breakthrough in Croatia elections 06 July 2020
Serbia’s quagmire: 7 conclusions from Europe’s first Covid-19-era election 23 June 2020
Imperial undertones of Trump’s hurried deal for the Balkans 18 June 2020
UCU members: reject the employers' derisory 'Four Fights' offer 11 June 2020
If the Coronavirus crisis leads to a global economic depression, what will it to do world (geo)politics? 06 April 2020
Striking in the time of coronavirus: results and prospects of the universities dispute 15 March 2020
EU-Turkish border crisis spills over to Serbia 07 March 2020
High stakes in UCU strike: another 14 days of action announced 04 February 2020
The crisis of the UK intensifies after Glasgow IndyRef2 march 12 January 2020
No war with Iran: Glasgow protests against Trump’s belligerence 07 January 2020
Beyond the Labour leadership election: let's not wait until 2024 for change 18 December 2019
Scotland will be a key battleground in Tory Britain 13 December 2019
Who needs enemies, with friends like Jon Ashworth? 10 December 2019
The impact of the manifesto: canvassing for Labour in Glasgow North 02 December 2019
Confronting fear during a strike: why picket lines are important in industrial disputes 24 November 2019
What it will take to beat the Tories in Scotland 19 November 2019
Kosovo elections: Vetëvendosje on the edge of power 21 October 2019
Disgraceful and dangerous: European Parliament equates Communism with Fascism 03 October 2019
The left after Labour Party conference: don't let the spirit fade 27 September 2019
A sign of things to come in Britain? Italy’s new coalition government 21 September 2019

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