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Elaine Graham-Leigh

Elaine has been an environmental campaigner for more than a decade. She speaks and writes widely on issues of climate change and social justice, and is a member of Counterfire. She is the author of A Diet of Austerity: Class, Food and Climate Change and Marx and the Climate CrisisHer sci-fi novel, The Caduca, is out now from The Conrad Press. 

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Title Created Date
Why I’m marching in Manchester: take the fight to the Tories over the climate crisis 10 September 2021
Wages, prices and profits: the labour theory of value - video 28 August 2021
Socialist Register 2021. Beyond Digital Capitalism. New Ways of Living - book review 19 August 2021
Fight the Fire: Green New Deals and Global Climate Jobs - book review 08 July 2021
Empty G7 promises are not going to solve the climate crisis 11 June 2021
People's Power: Reclaiming the Energy Commons - book review 20 May 2021
Women's oppression and its roots in class society - video 29 March 2021
The politics of science fiction 14 March 2021
The Women's Liberation Movement and the Politics of Class in Britain - book review 04 March 2021
Racism, sexism and ‘Karens’ 20 February 2021
Dead Epidemiologists. On the origins of COVID-19 - book review 14 January 2021
Where does sexism come from? - Marxism and Women's Liberation excerpt 05 January 2021
Too Hot to Handle? The Democratic Challenge of Climate Change - book review 10 December 2020
Bit Tyrants: The Political Economy of Silicon Valley - book review 26 November 2020
The limits of identity politics - video 22 November 2020
Dust Bowls of Empire. Imperialism, Environmental Politics and Injustice of ‘Green’ Capitalism - book review 27 August 2020
Is a society without oppression possible? - explainer 11 August 2020
Limits: Why Malthus Was Wrong and Why Environmentalists Should Care - book review 11 June 2020
The Monster Enters: Covid-19, Avian Flu and the Plagues of Capitalism - book review 28 May 2020
Capitalism as a dynamic system: Marx and the Climate Crisis - extract 22 May 2020

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