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Katherine Connelly

Kate Connelly is a writer and historian. She led school student strikes in the British anti-war movement in 2003, co-ordinated the Emily Wilding Davison Memorial Campaign in 2013 and is a leading member of Counterfire. She wrote the acclaimed biography, 'Sylvia Pankhurst: Suffragette, Socialist and Scourge of Empire' and recently edited and introduced 'A Suffragette in America: Reflections on Prisoners, Pickets and Political Change'.

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Title Created Date
It’s not business as usual, Secretary - CounterBriefing 1 April 01 April 2020
Protect the NHS? Call their bluff and we can win – CounterBriefing 25 March 25 March 2020
Message to the government: your friends, the super-rich, are the hoarders - CounterBriefing 21 March 21 March 2020
Protest shut the schools, now demand mass testing - CounterBriefing 18 March 18 March 2020
Why the working-class, socialist history of International Women’s Day matters today 07 March 2020
Class and the Coronavirus 05 March 2020
‘All Sorts of Woman’: review of Selina Todd’s Tastes of Honey and the National Theatre’s A Taste of Honey 02 January 2020
Little Women - film review 31 December 2019
The problem with Nancy Astor 02 December 2019
Fracking must stop for good, not just for the election: interview with activist at Preston North Road site 14 November 2019
Cutting edge resistance: review of Heartfield: One Man’s War exhibition 04 November 2019
Postal workers stand up to management attacks - Interview with CWU’s Andy Hopping 08 October 2019
Conservative Party Conference: don’t be fooled by the confidence trick 03 October 2019
The women of Peterloo 13 August 2019
Nasty but vulnerable: why we can get rid of Boris 24 July 2019
Saving Essex libraries: protest works, so we'll keep campaigning 21 July 2019
A Walk Through Paris - book review 12 July 2019
General election now: why 100,000 Tories will be wrong 07 June 2019
Alastair Campbell isn’t a victim, he’s trying to destroy Corbyn’s leadership 31 May 2019
Small Island - theatre review 04 May 2019

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