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Chris Bambery

Chris Bambery is an author, political activist and commentator, and a supporter of Rise, the radical left wing coalition in Scotland. His books include A People's History of Scotland and The Second World War: A Marxist Analysis.

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Title Created Date
Civil liberties in Spain? The clampdown against the Catalan independence movement 14 October 2019
What’s changing in Scotland? 11 October 2019
Flawed transition: why the Spanish state is repressing the Catalan independence movement 06 October 2019
Sails and Winds: A Cultural History of Valencia - book review 12 September 2019
Imperial calculations: why World War Two was declared 80 years ago today 03 September 2019
Westminster is broken, it's time for Scotland to quit 28 August 2019
Defending the Indefensible: the British Army in Northern Ireland, 1969 14 August 2019
Labour Country: Political Radicalism and Social Democracy in South Wales 1831-1985, and Stories of Solidarity - book review 27 June 2019
How we should remember D-Day 03 June 2019
Spanish election: the left win but society polarises 29 April 2019
A Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank merger spells trouble 27 March 2019
Bloody Sunday: one prosecution is not justice 14 March 2019
Eurozone blues 11 March 2019
Bloody Sunday: criminal? Yes. 09 March 2019
Obituary - Bruno da Ponte: 1932 - 2018 07 January 2019
Europe in turmoil: what to expect in 2019 31 December 2018
The rise and fall of neoliberalism 28 November 2018
England’s Discontents: Political Cultures and National Identities - book review 15 November 2018
World War One was stupid, tragic and futile 06 November 2018
Dead-End Lives: Drugs and Violence in the City Shadows - book review 06 September 2018

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