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Kevin Ovenden

Kevin Ovenden is a progressive journalist who has followed politics and social movements for 25 years. He is a leading activist in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle, led five successful aid convoys to break the siege on Gaza, and was aboard the Mavi Marmara aid ship when Israeli commandoes boarded it killing 10 people in May 2010. He is author of Syriza: Inside the Labyrinth.

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Title Created Date
Migration: cold comfort for those in peril on the sea 23 November 2022
From Brussels to Athens: striking against the crisis 10 November 2022
Very nasty people with very nasty politics 09 November 2022
Europe in crisis: opportunity for the left….and the right 28 October 2022
Salman Rushdie attack: Bitter fruits of a carnival of reaction 15 August 2022
Stonewall, the state and the struggle for liberation 28 June 2022
How does a socialist turn into a nark? 11 June 2022
Greek students stand up to police brutality on campuses 26 May 2022
Now the deluge: France after the presidential election 25 April 2022
General strike shuts down Greece: Collective working-class action has great power 07 April 2022
Zelensky's clampdown: censorship and silencing from the West's poster boy 23 March 2022
All refugees should be welcome here 15 March 2022
The cost of European rearmament: who pays? 12 March 2022
Why sanctions on Russia are not the answer 09 March 2022
Ukraine: ‘Who is winning the war?’ and other stupid questions 08 March 2022
Going nuclear: the dangerous drive to more war in Ukraine 04 March 2022
Governments start wars, people bring them to an end 03 March 2022
What does Portugal's election result mean for the radical left? 31 January 2022
Europe's shame: The horrific treatment of refugees on the Poland-Belarus border 10 November 2021
Greece: 100,000 teachers take on the government in national strike 11 October 2021

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