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John Westmoreland

John is a history teacher and UCU rep. He is an active member of the People's Assembly and writes regularly for Counterfire.

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Title Created Date
You can’t offset death: COP26, the mortality cost of carbon and the case for radical change 01 August 2021
The war on woke: how socialists should respond to the culture wars 07 July 2021
Facts are stubborn things: Exterminate All The Brutes review 18 May 2021
The week that exposed the President: what we’ve learned about Biden 17 May 2021
Chartism: the first great working class movement 01 May 2021
Tell the Bosses We’re Coming: A New Action Plan for Workers in the 21st Century - book review 29 April 2021
Democratic rights and the class struggle: a brief history 12 April 2021
Justice at last for the Shrewsbury pickets 23 March 2021
To the barricades! The life of Louis Auguste Blanqui 16 March 2021
Slanders against Corbyn echo in Canada 13 March 2021
The Paris Commune: when workers ran a city 10 March 2021
Shrewsbury 24: Pickets shine a light on the dark state 10 February 2021
The fight against Trumpism: lessons of Hitler’s Munich Putsch 14 January 2021
Doncaster bin workers have had enough! 18 November 2020
Scrap exams to save education 05 October 2020
The Covid crisis in universities: voices from the frontline 29 September 2020
Doncaster reacts to Starmer: 'We don't need another Tony Blair' 23 September 2020
Radical Seattle: The General Strike of 1919 - book review 20 August 2020
Failing our kids: the Tory exams fiasco 13 August 2020
The NHS is 72: why we must fight to defend it 04 July 2020

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