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Dominic Alexander

Dominic Alexander is a member of Counterfire, for which he is the book review editor. He has been a Stop the War and anti-austerity activist in north London for some time. He is a published historian whose work includes the book Saints and Animals in the Middle Ages, a social history of medieval wonder tales

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Title Created Date
Ten lies told about World War I 09 November 2014
The Darkest Days: The Truth Behind Britain’s Rush to War, 1914 07 November 2014
Capitalism: A Ghost Story 22 October 2014
Hell’s Kitchen and the Battle for Urban Space: Class Struggles and Progressive Reform in New York City 20 August 2014
The Shadow of Recent Wars: Historians and the Origins of World War I 08 May 2014
Capitalist Globalization: Consequences, Resistance, and Alternatives 20 February 2014
Serious entertainments: Counterfire book reviews round-up 20 December 2013
Nature For Sale: The Commons Versus Commodities 05 December 2013
On Changing the World 03 October 2013
Cuba: sanctions, race and the revolution 11 August 2013
The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist 24 May 2013
The Oil Road: Journeys from the Caspian Sea to the City of London 28 March 2013
In defence of permanent revolution 14 February 2013
The Work of Sartre: Search for Freedom and the Challenge of History 20 December 2012
An Introduction to the Three Volumes of Karl Marx’s Capital 26 October 2012
A Debt to History: Graeber and why class matters 06 September 2012
None of Us Were Like This Before: US torture documented 02 September 2012
From Exam Factories to Communities of Discovery: The Democratic Route 05 July 2012
Entangled Geographies: Empire and Technopolitics in the Global Cold War 31 May 2012
The Birth of Capitalism: A Twenty-First-Century Perspective 04 May 2012

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