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Dominic Alexander

Dominic Alexander is a member of Counterfire, for which he is the book review editor. He is a longstanding activist in north London. He is a historian whose work includes the book Saints and Animals in the Middle Ages (2008), a social history of medieval wonder tales, and articles on London’s first revolutionary, William Longbeard, and the revolt of 1196, in Viator 48:3 (2017), and Science and Society 84:3 (July 2020). He is also the author of the Counterfire books, The Limits of Keynesianism (2018) and Trotsky in the Bronze Age (2020).

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Title Created Date
Austerity by stealth: A budget that punishes the poor 17 November 2022
The London Revolution 1640-1643: Class Struggles in 17th Century England - book review 27 October 2022
William Cuffay: the black Chartist revolutionary 21 October 2022
Out of the frying pan into the fire: The crisis of neoliberalism 20 October 2022
Economic policy repeats itself as farce 30 September 2022
The government that just crashed the economy 28 September 2022
A love letter to billionaires 23 September 2022
Trussonomics: adventures in fantasy deregulation land 18 September 2022
The free market has failed: Nationalise energy now 30 August 2022
Post Rosa: Letters Against Barbarism - book review 04 August 2022
The Critique of Commodification: Contours of a Post-Capitalist Society - book review 30 June 2022
The worst of both worlds: stagflation explained 28 June 2022
What Britain Did to Nigeria - book review 26 May 2022
Economics as self-harm: why the Bank of England is risking stagflation 07 May 2022
The Brutish Museums: The Benin Bronzes, Colonial Violence and Cultural Restitution - book review 31 March 2022
Socialist Register 2022: New Polarisations, Old Contradictions, The Crisis of Centrism - book review 10 March 2022
The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity - book review 10 February 2022
Energy prices and the real cost of inflation 08 February 2022
Why is the labour theory of value so important? - explainer 17 January 2022
Is capitalism in decline? - explainer 27 December 2021

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