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Dominic Alexander

Dominic Alexander is a member of Counterfire, for which he is the book review editor. He is a longstanding activist in north London. He is a historian whose work includes the book Saints and Animals in the Middle Ages (2008), a social history of medieval wonder tales, and articles on London’s first revolutionary, William Longbeard, and the revolt of 1196, in Viator 48:3 (2017), and Science and Society 84:3 (July 2020). He is also the author of the Counterfire book, The Limits of Keynesianism (2018).

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Title Created Date
The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology - book review 22 April 2021
The limits of Keynesianism - video 19 February 2021
The Adventures of the Communist Manifesto - book review 18 February 2021
Trotsky in the Bronze Age: why technology alone does not change society - video 23 January 2021
History as an uneven and combined process - Trotsky in the Bronze Age extract 06 January 2021
Does technological innovation necessitate inequality? - Trotsky in the Bronze Age excerpt 29 December 2020
How To Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic - book review 17 December 2020
Is technology the driver of history and what’s to come? - Trotsky in the Bronze Age excerpt 05 December 2020
Stealing from the Saracens: How Islamic Architecture Shaped Europe - book review 19 November 2020
Shakespeare in a Divided America - book review 01 October 2020
Can economic planning work? - explainer 14 July 2020
The South Sea Bubble: England's first stock market crisis 300 years ago 01 July 2020
Liberalism At Large: The World According to the Economist - book review 25 June 2020
Democratic history challenges imperialist and racist history 13 June 2020
Invisible Leviathan: Marx’s Law of Value in the Twilight of Capitalism - book review 04 June 2020
Crisis capitalism: why state intervention is not socialism 17 May 2020
Why are key workers so low paid? 14 May 2020
Winston Churchill: he fought for his class, never ours 08 May 2020
Value Chains: The New Economic Imperialism - book review 09 April 2020
EP Thompson’s The Making of the English Working Class: books that made me a socialist 29 March 2020

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