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Alistair Cartwright

Alistair Cartwright is an activist with the Stop the War Coalition and a member of Counterfire.

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Title Created Date
This flight must be stopped: Rwanda flight protest tonight is a critical moment 13 June 2022
"They want to break us, but we're not broken": why UCU strikers are stepping up the fight 25 February 2022
The uninsurable future of British cities 25 August 2021
Safety last: fire at New Providence Wharf shows Grenfell tragedy is system-built 13 May 2021
'The whole community has come together': Tower Hamlets residents fight back 09 April 2021
Living in a Ghost Town: Covid-19 and the crisis of the city centre 09 December 2020
A wave of evictions is heading our way: get ready to resist 27 July 2020
New research shreds Johnson’s 'Covid-secure' workplaces 13 May 2020
The Spirit of ’46: how mass occupations won the battle for homes 08 May 2020
Supply chains: a neoliberal crisis 26 March 2020
Coronavirus: 8 demands we should make on the government 10 March 2020
Time to take a stand: the crucial case of Julian Assange 23 February 2020
When exposing war crimes becomes a crime: the case of Julian Assange 06 February 2020
Iran: stop this war before it starts 27 July 2019
Explo Nani-Kofi: fighting back against the hostile environment 23 January 2019
Aftermath: Art in the wake of World War One - review 18 September 2018
How the Establishment Lost Control - an interview with Chris Nineham 12 September 2017
Petition: No UK troops for Ukraine war games 04 June 2014
Ritzy cinema workers: striking against poverty pay 17 April 2014
The Loneliness of The Short Distance Commuter 13 February 2014

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