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Caitlin Southern

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Title Created Date
NHS Under Siege: The Fight to Save It in The Age of Covid - book review 07 July 2022
NHS worker: why Sunak’s six billion won’t solve our problems 26 October 2021
Support the Junior Doctors’ Strike in Nigeria 09 October 2021
Punished for speaking truth to power: Dawn Butler is right about Johnson’s lies 22 July 2021
Why health workers are marching for the NHS at the People's Assembly demonstration 24 June 2021
Cummings is equally culpable for care homes Covid catastrophe 29 May 2021
Supreme Court ruling shows callous contempt for care workers 20 March 2021
Are the Tories really ending privatisation in the NHS? 15 February 2021
Covid is a threat to children too, but the government doesn’t care 08 February 2021
Cuban Healthcare: The Ongoing Revolution - book review 21 January 2021
Hospitals in crisis: The Tories are choosing to fail the NHS 03 January 2021
We are in for more Tory shambles with the Covid vaccine rollout 06 December 2020
Covid crisis: what are YOU getting for Christmas? 24 November 2020
Grenfell: blood on the hands of neoliberalism 21 November 2020
Vaccine hope is not a substitute for a zero-Covid strategy 11 November 2020
A national lockdown without closing schools is not going to stop the virus 01 November 2020
Refusing to feed children: Tory contempt for the working class 24 October 2020
Warning from the wards: we are not prepared for the second surge 14 October 2020
Flattening the curve isn't good enough, we need a zero-Covid strategy 03 October 2020
It's Tory failures not young people that have caused the covid spike 09 September 2020

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