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Yonas Makoni

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Title Created Date
Fighting for justice for all: why barristers are striking 01 July 2022
'If they have £1bn for the Jubilee, they can afford to pay workers': why tube workers are striking - video 24 May 2022
Tariq Ali: why my account of Churchill angered the right - video 20 May 2022
Michael Roberts: Capitalism, cost of living and the coming slump - video 21 April 2022
Racist Rwanda refugee plan: Taking cruelty to a new level 14 April 2022
Sunak’s budget: repackaged austerity 23 March 2022
'Seize the ships!': protesters demand public ownership of P&O 21 March 2022
‘We deserve equality’: Barts strikers will keep fighting Serco 13 February 2022
GOSH strikers remain defiant against injunction threat 09 February 2022
Serco out: London hospital workers strike against outsourcing 01 February 2022
Will racism always be with us? - explainer 28 January 2022
Omicron: It didn't have to be Groundhog Day 16 December 2021
Race, class, and the limits of identity 08 October 2021
'Drivers have had enough': why Uber drivers are striking - interview with Yaseen Aslam 27 September 2021
Priti racist: Patel's war against refugees 09 September 2021
'What we need is decent pay': NHS workers protest and prepare for industrial action 17 August 2021
Fred Hampton, the Black Panthers and the US state - video 30 July 2021
Organise to resist Starmer’s attack on the left 21 July 2021
Tyrone Mings is right: racism is driven from the top 13 July 2021
'Serco out!': Royal London Hospital strikers rally against privatisation 25 June 2021

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