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Yonas Makoni

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Title Created Date
Priti racist: Patel's war against refugees 09 September 2021
'What we need is decent pay': NHS workers protest and prepare for industrial action 17 August 2021
Fred Hampton, the Black Panthers and the US state - video 30 July 2021
Organise to resist Starmer’s attack on the left 21 July 2021
Tyrone Mings is right: racism is driven from the top 13 July 2021
'Serco out!': Royal London Hospital strikers rally against privatisation 25 June 2021
Bolt drivers strike to demand worker status and fair pay 23 June 2021
Migration Beyond Capitalism - book review 13 May 2021
“How can they treat key workers like this?” – interview with a Thurrock Council striker 02 May 2021
Deliveroo strike: drivers deliver another blow to gig economy 09 April 2021
Striking for Safety: DVLA workers walk out after 600 Covid infections on-site 06 April 2021
5 reasons the new racism report is bullshit 02 April 2021
Black Power: A British Story of Resistance - review 30 March 2021
How we beat Uber - Interview with Yaseen Aslam 27 March 2021
Keep protesting: third day of protests rage against Tory plans to criminalise protest 17 March 2021
'Shame on you!': New Scotland Yard sees protest at police violence 15 March 2021
Uber rebel James Farrar: ‘a great arrow in our armoury, but it’s not gonna be enough’ - interview 07 March 2021
London bus workers strike back again 06 March 2021
The gig is up? Historic Uber ruling offers chance to take down precarious employment 25 February 2021
London bus drivers strike against attack on pay and conditions 22 February 2021

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