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Yonas Makoni

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Title Created Date
Omicron: It didn't have to be Groundhog Day 16 December 2021
Race, class, and the limits of identity 08 October 2021
'Drivers have had enough': why Uber drivers are striking - interview with Yaseen Aslam 27 September 2021
Priti racist: Patel's war against refugees 09 September 2021
'What we need is decent pay': NHS workers protest and prepare for industrial action 17 August 2021
Fred Hampton, the Black Panthers and the US state - video 30 July 2021
Organise to resist Starmer’s attack on the left 21 July 2021
Tyrone Mings is right: racism is driven from the top 13 July 2021
'Serco out!': Royal London Hospital strikers rally against privatisation 25 June 2021
Bolt drivers strike to demand worker status and fair pay 23 June 2021
Migration Beyond Capitalism - book review 13 May 2021
“How can they treat key workers like this?” – interview with a Thurrock Council striker 02 May 2021
Deliveroo strike: drivers deliver another blow to gig economy 09 April 2021
Striking for Safety: DVLA workers walk out after 600 Covid infections on-site 06 April 2021
5 reasons the new racism report is bullshit 02 April 2021
Black Power: A British Story of Resistance - review 30 March 2021
How we beat Uber - Interview with Yaseen Aslam 27 March 2021
Keep protesting: third day of protests rage against Tory plans to criminalise protest 17 March 2021
'Shame on you!': New Scotland Yard sees protest at police violence 15 March 2021
Uber rebel James Farrar: ‘a great arrow in our armoury, but it’s not gonna be enough’ - interview 07 March 2021

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