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Paul Hanes

Paul Hanes is a member of Counterfire who started Fourman Films in 2003 after his first feature documentary that year. He is an award winning film maker, active trade unionist and a prolific video blogger and citizen journalist. He has over 1,000 YouTube videos which form an historic and in depth record of the movement, often overlooked by the mainstream media.

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Title Created Date
Arguments against Trident: unnecessary, dangerous and wasteful 26 February 2016
Video: take back Manchester! People's Assembly Against Austerity protests 22 October 2015
Video: junior doctors protest - Hunt must go! 22 October 2015
Video: 'Refugees welcome here' demo in London 14 September 2015
Lenin and the art of revolution - John Rees and James Meadway | Dangerous Times 2015 23 July 2015
Austerity's Unelected Technocrats -Tariq Ali and Chris Bambery | Dangerous Times Festival 2015 07 July 2015
The worker in the 21st century | Dangerous Times 2015 07 July 2015
Building a movement to beat the government: Dangerous Times Festival 2015 06 July 2015
Womens Liberation, class and Feminism: Lindsey German & Katherine Connelly | Dangerous Times 06 July 2015
How Labour lost and how the Left can win: Jeremy Corbyn, Owen Jones and Lindsey German | Dangerous Times 2015 06 July 2015
Social Democracy, Mass Movements and Revolution: John Rees at Dangerous Times 2015 06 July 2015
Video: Defend Democracy in Tower Hamlets | 30 April 2015 03 May 2015
Video: Hands off Yemen - John Rees 13 April 2015
Video: Stop the PFI plunder: Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public meeting 28 January 2015
Video: The Crisis of the British Regime 05 December 2014
Video: People's Assembly Against Austerity: Economic briefing 30 November 2014
Video: Lutfur Rahman - defend democracy in Tower Hamlets 13 November 2014
Video: the People's Question Time 10 October 2014
Video: London welcomes the People's March for the NHS 07 September 2014
Video: speeches from the Newport No to NATO protest and Cardiff counter-conference 03 September 2014

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