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Title Created Date
Socialists and trade unionists chart the way forward after Brexit 21 January 2020
SOAS goes on the attack with major cuts to casual academic staff 20 January 2020
The fight to keep the guard on the train continues 20 January 2020
Johnson’s government is not invincible 20 January 2020
Meghan and Harry: the royal descent of an archaic institution 20 January 2020
Born to rule over us? – weekly briefing 20 January 2020
If Labour wants to win back the working class, it has to reject Keir Starmer 18 January 2020
How America Became Capitalist - book review 16 January 2020
Behind Trump's tantrums: the US, Iran and the continuing threat of war 15 January 2020
The Corbyn Project was defeated by the historic strengths of conservatism and liberalism 13 January 2020
Macron makes more concessions to strikers but the battle continues 13 January 2020
Lip service to the left, but moves to the right - weekly briefing 13 January 2020
The crisis of the UK intensifies after Glasgow IndyRef2 march 12 January 2020
The ghosts of the union: commemoration event backfires for Varadkar 12 January 2020
War with Iran is still a danger 10 January 2020
Cyprus: an attack on women everywhere 10 January 2020
What caused Labour's decline: 2019 vs 2017 09 January 2020
Gadget Consciousness - book review 09 January 2020
Our world is burning 08 January 2020
Do not be fooled: Trump is the problem 08 January 2020

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