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Title Created Date
The Mobilization and Demobilization of Middle-Class Revolt - book review 18 July 2019
What do they know of Cricket? 18 July 2019
Stop Boris: General Election Now - Counterfire Freesheet July 2019 17 July 2019
‘I am not what I am’: why the left must take action against ‘Iago’ Watson 17 July 2019
There’s only one solution to Labour’s problems: the right have got to go - weekly briefing 15 July 2019
Miners' Gala shows we can kick back against the right 14 July 2019
Universities take global steps to fight climate disaster 13 July 2019
The environmental cost of the United States war-machine 13 July 2019
Football as resistance: women kicking back against bigotry 12 July 2019
Britain is following Trump and escalating the threat of war with Iran 12 July 2019
A Walk Through Paris - book review 12 July 2019
BBC Panorama hatchet job on Labour antisemitism is a farce 11 July 2019
Labour's lost Leave voters 09 July 2019
Adopting the IHRA definition didn't end the attacks, it accelerated them 08 July 2019
Greece elections: the right is back in government 08 July 2019
A dangerous moment for the Corbyn project - weekly briefing 08 July 2019
Socialists should be trying to unite working people, not divide them - a reply to Paul Mason 07 July 2019
The problem with citizens’ assemblies 07 July 2019
Mythologies of State and Monopoly Power - book review 04 July 2019
Canada joins campaign to stifle criticism of Israel 04 July 2019