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Title Created Date
US Shutdown: Trump’s racism hits the wall 18 January 2019
Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and the 100 year revolution 18 January 2019
The meaning of the Yellow Vests 17 January 2019
For a left populism - book review 17 January 2019
There's no refugee crisis in Britain, only a hostile environment and racist scapegoating 17 January 2019
No confidence in May, and no confidence in this failing government: a general election is the only option 16 January 2019
Trump's Syria solitaire 16 January 2019
Movement gears up for fightback against austerity 16 January 2019
No government should survive this kind of rout. May must go. 15 January 2019
This zombie Tory government has go to go, we need a general election 15 January 2019
They've got to go! General election now - Counterfire freesheet January 2019 15 January 2019
Rosa Luxemburg: a revolutionary for our times 15 January 2019
Rosa Luxemburg was a revolutionary socialist 14 January 2019
Standing on the shoulders of a giant: Rosa Luxemburg and The Mass Strike 14 January 2019
Rosa Luxemburg: reform or revolution? 14 January 2019
France 2019: Macron, Yellow Vests and class struggle 14 January 2019
In India, epic worker mobilisations challenge the Modi government as never before 14 January 2019
The travesty that is Theresa May’s government has to end – weekly briefing 14 January 2019
As the UK economy stalls, it's not Brexit we should blame 13 January 2019
Yellow Vests against austerity march through London - photos 12 January 2019