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Alex Snowdon

Alex Snowdon is a Counterfire activist in Newcastle. He is active in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition and the National Education Union.​

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Title Created Date
Labour's plan is what schools need 22 November 2019
The British State: A Warning - book review 07 November 2019
Election 2019: the chance for a green industrial revolution 31 October 2019
With friends like this: John McDonnell’s flirtation with the right is damaging and inexcusable 12 October 2019
Class, Party, Revolution: A Socialist Register Reader - book review 03 October 2019
Steer left to beat Johnson's phoney populism 29 September 2019
Tory crisis: does Boris Johnson have a way out? 15 September 2019
Power to the People 14 September 2019
Labour can only expose Johnson if they represent a radical opposition 05 September 2019
Johnson's schools revolution? Beware the hype 31 August 2019
Can Labour win a general election? 24 August 2019
Swinson’s choice: better a no deal Brexit than Corbyn 15 August 2019
Johnson out, Corbyn in: we need a general election – weekly briefing 12 August 2019
Johnson can be beaten, but not if we abandon Corbyn – weekly briefing 05 August 2019
A dangerous moment for the Corbyn project - weekly briefing 08 July 2019
The left needs to hold the line and fight the smears – weekly briefing 01 July 2019
European elections: results and prospects 27 May 2019
The weaponising of antisemitism 05 April 2019
The insignificant seven: what the left must do 18 February 2019
Luciana Berger and the plot against Corbyn: this is no time to retreat 08 February 2019

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