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Sean Ledwith

Sean Ledwith is a Counterfire member and Lecturer in History at York College, where he is also UCU branch secretary. Sean is also a regular contributor to Marx and Philosophy Review of Books and Culture Matters

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Title Created Date
Johnson’s Northern Powerhouse comes off the rails - CounterBlast 20 November 2021
Racism is not banter: The shame of Yorkshire Cricket - CounterBlast 04 November 2021
Johnson is levelling up on lies - CounterBlast 06 October 2021
College lecturers strike to defend further education 30 September 2021
German election: In Merkel’s shadow 27 September 2021
Set the Night on Fire: L.A. in the Sixties - book review 16 September 2021
Johnson reshuffle: a cabinet of none of the talents - CounterBlast 16 September 2021
Tory care plan punishes the poor and rewards the rich - CounterBlast 09 September 2021
Raab up Afghan creek without a paddleboard - CounterBlast 02 September 2021
Tokyo Olympics: Lighting the flame of a Covid disaster – CounterBlast 22 July 2021
Bezos, Branson and Musk: Invasion of the Space Parasites - CounterBlast 15 July 2021
Don’t believe the hype: Tories love talking about freedoms while actually taking them away - CounterBlast 09 July 2021
Donald Rumsfeld was a known known war criminal - CounterBlast 01 July 2021
Do as I say, not as I do (again): hopeless Hancock must go – CounterBlast 26 June 2021
Israel’s new far right leader will double down on apartheid and racism - CounterBlast 18 June 2021
Taking the knee and taking on the racists - CounterBlast 11 June 2021
Tory education catch-up plan explodes on launchpad - CounterBlast 03 June 2021
Cummings’ revelations: Nemesis comes to Number 10 – CounterBlast 26 May 2021
The Israeli War Machine is deliberately destroying Palestinian families - CounterBlast 20 May 2021
Palestine rises against the Iron Dome of Israeli’s apartheid state – CounterBlast 14 May 2021

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