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Sean Ledwith

Sean Ledwith is a Counterfire member and Lecturer in History and Sociology at York College, where he is also UCU branch secretary. Sean is also a regular contributor to Marx and Philosophy Review of Books and Culture Matters

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Title Created Date
Hong Kong: crucible of resistance 18 September 2019
Johnson’s rottweiler: the toxic tactics of Dominic Cummings 05 September 2019
Britain's Trump: why we must bring down Boris Johnson's alt-right government 05 August 2019
From Commune to Capitalism - book review 25 July 2019
‘I am not what I am’: why the left must take action against ‘Iago’ Watson 17 July 2019
Slap of the Century: Trump’s crooked deal for Palestine 28 June 2019
Rubberboat in a sharkpool: Tories exploit the Assange case 15 June 2019
Game of Thrones: dragons of mass destruction 08 June 2019
Trump and Farage: gruesome twosome of the resurgent right 05 June 2019
UK inequality: the facts speak for themselves 15 May 2019
Limerick 1919: all power to the Irish soviets 30 April 2019
The Brexit crisis and the disintegration of Britain's political system 02 April 2019
Peak inequality: Britain's ticking time bomb - review 28 February 2019
Ten things you should know about Trump’s man in Venezuela 16 February 2019
Deportation flights: Tories have learned nothing from Windrush 09 February 2019
Venezuela in the shadow of Trump 28 January 2019
US Shutdown: Trump’s racism hits the wall 18 January 2019
Brexit as the organic crisis of the British state 08 December 2018
Deport, Deprive, Extradite: 21st Century State Extremism - book review 08 November 2018
Kavanaugh, Trump and the degradation of US politics 16 October 2018

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