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Lucy Nichols

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Title Created Date
"The university acted negligently, greedily and dishonestly" - Interview with Edinburgh Uni occupiers 27 March 2021
‘We are all Sarah Everard’: women of Manchester stand up to the police 15 March 2021
Shamima Begum ruling: the racist product of Britain’s wars 27 February 2021
Biden, the Yemen U-turn and how to end the war 07 February 2021
A step closer to freedom for Assange: Judge rules against extradition 04 January 2021
The Tories don’t care about students: Erasmus is just another example 30 December 2020
Workers of the world… STRIKE! – CounterBlast 18 December 2020
Students must stand firm: Palestine solidarity is a duty not a crime – CounterBlast 12 December 2020
Philip Green: greed and profit personified - CounterBlast 05 December 2020
#NoMoreNancy: Manchester students march against University management 04 December 2020
Message from Manchester: if you fight you can win 26 November 2020
Manchester rent strike and occupation to continue after University's derisory offer 17 November 2020
#OccupyUoM: students have had enough 15 November 2020
Manchester students tear down fences in thousands-strong protest 06 November 2020
Manchester won’t pay for the crisis - protest report 24 October 2020
Spy cops bill: Starmer helping the Tory assault on civil liberties 16 October 2020
Claudia Jones: Communism and the Notting Hill Carnival 14 October 2020
Manchester students call for rent strike as thousands are infected with virus 11 October 2020
The Tories and Covid, not just incompetent but corrupt 06 October 2020
Students and lecturers must unite and fight for people over profit 04 October 2020

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