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Lucy Nichols

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Title Created Date
Yes majesty: It’s now a crime to criticise the king 13 September 2022
Protesters take to the streets to demand justice for Chris Kaba 10 September 2022
The police are beyond redemption: Justice for Chris Kaba 08 September 2022
‘Gritty’ doesn’t cut it. Top Boy is back! 25 March 2022
Comets, climate and capitalism: what we can take from Don’t Look Up 30 December 2021
The Harder They Fall review: Who needs a plot anyway? 15 November 2021
Fight for the truth, march for Assange 16 October 2021
The morality of Squid Game - review 15 October 2021
The police don’t keep women safe 01 October 2021
The 8th: The Movement for Abortion Rights in Ireland - review 20 September 2021
9to5: The Story of a Movement review 25 August 2021
Learn the lessons of Afghanistan: protesters call for no more foreign wars 18 August 2021
The Suicide Squad review: Gunn takes aim at US imperialism 12 August 2021
Latin in schools and the Bellum cultura  04 August 2021
Zero support for workers as Labour backs employers on zero-hour contracts - Counterblast 29 July 2021
The East End is drowning and capitalism doesn't care 27 July 2021
‘If black lives matter you have to end outsourcing!’ – workers at the BEIS walk out over poor conditions 19 July 2021
Don’t be fooled, Boris Johnson isn’t going to spend foreign aid money on the NHS 14 July 2021
The movement turns out to defend GRT communities from Police and Crime Bill 08 July 2021
Osime Brown victory: protests push back Priti Patel’s racist deportation 16 June 2021

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