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Feyzi Ismail

Feyzi Ismail teaches at Goldsmiths, University of London, and is active in UCU

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Title Created Date
Revolution in the Developing World: Trotsky's Marxism - video 10 August 2022
Confronting connected crises: cost of living and the war 27 April 2022
No Births Behind Bars: The scandal of imprisoning pregnant women 31 March 2022
Climate change and war: The whole social structure needs to be overturned 06 March 2022
Counterfire’s Climate Briefing for activists 11 November 2021
Can we avert climate chaos and meet people’s needs? - explainer 26 October 2021
We have to make Cop26 a turning point for the climate movement 14 September 2021
Unreasonable, unethical and unnecessary: the theft of university pensions - interview 18 August 2021
Code red for the climate: how should the left respond? 09 August 2021
The socialist tradition of organising women - video 09 March 2021
Threat of strike brings victory at SOAS 21 September 2020
Protest has helped define the first two decades of the 21st century – here’s what’s next 31 December 2019
Climate strikers: ‘capitalism is ill-equipped to deal with the crisis’ 17 March 2019
France: stay on the streets until Macron falls 10 December 2018
France: unsubmissive and on the streets 09 December 2018
Averting chaos: class, climate change and the movements 02 December 2018
Lecturers' strike: the rank and file have spoken, now we have to take the lead 13 March 2018
The secrets of success: how SOAS cleaners fought and won 07 August 2017
Electoral success on Corbyn's improbable path to power - interview with Alex Nunns 21 June 2017
Mélenchon's campaign should inspire us here in Britain 23 May 2017

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