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John Clarke

John Clarke became an organiser with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty when it was formed in 1990 and has been involved in mobilising poor communities under attack ever since.

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Title Created Date
Egypt: A sharp expression of the global debt crisis 03 December 2022
Austerity, abandonment and assisted dying in Canada 25 November 2022
Contradictions in the US and Israel's special relationship 18 November 2022
Future on Fire: Capitalism and the Politics of Climate Change - book review 10 November 2022
Ontario: education workers’ struggle at crossroads 09 November 2022
The threat of invasion hangs over Haiti 04 November 2022
Social democracy sides with fossil fuels: British Columbia’s NDP blocks green leadership challenger 30 October 2022
The IMF’s ‘solutions’ to the cost-of-living crisis 25 October 2022
Oil wars as thieves fallout 13 October 2022
The intensification of global austerity 05 October 2022
World Bank seeks a safe passage for global capitalism 21 September 2022
Canada’s Tories: an attack dog at the ready 18 September 2022
Pakistan, China and the disastrous intensification of the climate crisis 01 September 2022
Feast amidst famine: The rich parasites profiting from the world's misery 28 August 2022
The cynical routine of apologising for the past to hide the crimes of the present 23 August 2022
Forces of Production, Climate Change and Canadian Fossil Fuel Capitalism - book review 19 August 2022
US Climate Bill won’t prevent a global catastrophe 13 August 2022
The false promise of basic income in Wales 06 August 2022
The Pope’s sorry excuse for an apology for the Church's colonial crimes in Canada 01 August 2022
Crisis of conservatism: The hard-right trajectory of Canada’s Tories 24 July 2022

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