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Jack Sherwood

Jack Sherwood has been an organiser in the People's Assembly and Stop the War.

Based in Bristol, he coordinated the largest demonstrations and public meetings in the city 2014-2019: against austerity, in support of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of Labour, over the Junior Doctors' struggle and against the British bombing of Syria.

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Title Created Date
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Catalan Spring? Resistance fills the streets as ex-President arrested in Germany 25 March 2018
Lecturers' strike update: students occupy in Bristol, Exeter and Leicester 05 March 2018
Time for Action - UCU Strike 02 March 2018
Bristol leads the way in supporting striking university staff - photos 27 February 2018
Blood on their hands: NHS marchers call time on Tories 05 February 2018
Catalan independence forces win majority 22 December 2017
“Building a Republic from the bottom up”: A view from the Catalan left - interview with Quim Arrufat 19 December 2017
A country imprisoned: elections offer Catalans a chance to 'free themselves' 07 December 2017
Catalonia: resistance lights the path to victory 15 November 2017
Crisis in Catalonia - live updates 10 November 2017
We are the Republic: Catalans back on the streets for freedom 07 November 2017
Catalan independence: made in the streets 27 October 2017

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