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Susan Ram

Susan Ram is a writer, editor and journalist based in south-west France. She's currently at work on a book about the French Left, for publication in India, where she lived for many years.

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Title Created Date
‘Islamo-leftism’: Macron ramps up attacks on Muslims and the left in France 19 November 2020
French activists and journalists say ‘no’ to Macron’s ‘gag law’ 18 November 2020
Republic of Islamophobia: weaponising the tragedy in France for political ends 21 October 2020
'Exhausted, angry and worried sick!': French health workers protest 18 October 2020
Macron’s war on ‘Islamic separatism’ 08 October 2020
Covid-19 and the struggle in France 26 September 2020
Danièle Obono interview: racism, the movement and the virus in France 20 September 2020
Macron in Beirut: stagecraft in the service of imperialism 03 September 2020
Covid-19 in Modi-ruled India: 2.3 million cases and counting 14 August 2020
Keenie Meenie: The British Mercenaries Who Got Away with War Crimes - book review 13 August 2020
Lebanon: explosion devastates nation already in meltdown 07 August 2020
US workers strike for black lives 21 July 2020
Black Lives Matter in a time of pandemic 19 July 2020
Garment workers in South India rise up against Covid-linked retrenchment 02 July 2020
Même police, memo racisme! (Same police, same racism!) 06 June 2020
The Equal Pay Act at 50: a bittersweet celebration 28 May 2020
France: Fear, mistrust and anger as lockdown is lifted 11 May 2020
Covid-19, the state and civil liberties: the case of France 10 April 2020
Modi, Trump and the defilement of Delhi 28 February 2020
Defining the battle lines: France in the era of Macron 23 February 2020

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