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Title Created Date
Ernie O'Malley's On Another Man's Wound: books that made me a socialist 01 July 2020
The South Sea Bubble: England's first stock market crisis 300 years ago 01 July 2020
We have everything to fear from Johnson’s spin and incompetence - CounterBlast 01 July 2020
Explainer: What is socialism? 30 June 2020
Essential workers today; garbage tomorrow. 30 June 2020
Five films on the black struggle 29 June 2020
Don't just fund but fight for the future of post-16 education 29 June 2020
The battle is on: and the left can’t win in Labour - weekly briefing 29 June 2020
Engels' contribution to Marxism 28 June 2020
Goldsmiths marking boycott: casualised staff fight back 28 June 2020
Olive Morris: British Black Panther, squatter and radical activist 27 June 2020
London marches for Shukri Abdi 27 June 2020
The anti-war movement must challenge the imperialist narrative 27 June 2020
Sacking Long-Bailey accelerates Labour’s drive to the right - CounterBlast 27 June 2020
Starmer’s ruthless at rooting out the left, not antisemitism - CounterBlast 26 June 2020
Three years on from Grenfell and people still aren't safe 26 June 2020
Starmer plays to the right: where now for the left? 26 June 2020
The UK is systemically racist: the fight has just begun 26 June 2020
Liberalism At Large: The World According to the Economist - book review 25 June 2020
Maxine Peake is right: US and Israeli state violence is linked 25 June 2020

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