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The Robeson Files

RobesonThe Robeson Files was not a music programme or a biography of the black American singer, actor and political activist but a programme about politics: fighting racism and linking anti-racism to the wider struggle.

  • Written by Jacqueline Mulhallen
  • Category: Arts Review

Rescuing Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson's achievements have been shamefully neglected. Chris Nineham reviews a one-man touring play about his life, starring Tayo Aluko.

  • Written by Chris Nineham
  • Category: Arts Review

Exhibition: Shelley’s Ghost

The exhibition Shelley’s Ghost at the Bodleian Library is a rare opportunity to see the manuscripts and mementos of the most remarkable family of radical writers.

Earth 101: Dystopian future is not yet ours

In an unspecified future, Earth's population is kept hard working and ignorant via brain-controlling television broadcasts. The world is manipulated - everything from the Cold War to The Beatles - by the Orwellian 'MI23', whose mantra is 'Truth. Justice. Fear.'

  • Written by Dan Poulton
  • Category: Arts Review

Banksy Backlash

Banksy has hit the big screen with Exit Through the Gift Shop, but the-sauce.org suggests the Bristol graffiti artist is just a public schoolboy cashing in on others' talent.

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