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Theatre review: Alice and Victor

Theatre collective 'Blockseventeen' have produced an elegant play about alienation and the dangers of romanticising the past. Elly Badcock and Ben Metters review the piece

  • Written by Elly Badcock & Ben Metters
  • Category: Arts Review

Class act: Engels classic brought to the stage

In the 1840s Engels wrote ‘The Condition of the Working Class in England’, based upon his experiences in Manchester. Ben Metters reviews a contemporary theatrical take on this political classic

  • Written by Ben Metters
  • Category: Arts Review

Antigone: the first Greek crisis

Jane Shallice thinks there are modern things being said in the National Theatre’s new production of Sophocles' ancient Greek tragedy Antigone

  • Written by Jane Shallice
  • Category: Arts Review

The Robeson Files

RobesonThe Robeson Files was not a music programme or a biography of the black American singer, actor and political activist but a programme about politics: fighting racism and linking anti-racism to the wider struggle.

  • Written by Jacqueline Mulhallen
  • Category: Arts Review

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