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The tar sands, the oil companies and RBS

tar sands productionBritish banks including the state-owned RBS are underwriting the exploitation of Canada’s tar sands which environmentalists have called the most destructive project on earth.

  • Written by Elaine Graham-Leigh
  • Category: Environment

No One Knows About Persian Cats

Persian CatsNo one knows about Persian cats is a humorous illustration of the somewhat blasé attitude many Iranian youth take towards the risks and dangers of breaking the law.

  • Written by Narz Massoumi
  • Category: Film Review

Illegal Highs: Mephedrone ban is a class issue

Mephedrone PillsMephedrone, the latest legal high to hit Britain’s clubbing scene, is to be classified as a Class B drug within weeks and a ban on importation was put into force yesterday.

  • Written by Sam Fairbairn
  • Category: Opinion

BA workers expose the lies and dirty tricks

Unite Family day flagsKatherine Connelly talks to BA cabin crew union executive member Penny White about the campaign of lies and dirty tricks currently being waged by the company against striking workers.

  • Written by Katherine Connelly
  • Category: BA Strike

Poll tax: sinking the Tory flagship

Riot policeThe movement against the poll tax was one of the most remarkable in modern Britain. Its most famous event took place 20 years ago this week when around 200,000 people marched in London, only to be met by police violence in Whitehall as they neared their rally in Trafalgar Square.

  • Written by Lindsey German
  • Category: History

Spooked: How not to prevent violent extremism

Spooked coverAnti-Muslim racism is on the rise. Arun Kundnani, author of Spooked: How not to prevent violent extremism talked to us about how the government’s Preventing Violent Extremism programme casts Muslims as a ‘suspect population’

  • Written by Elaine Graham-Leigh and Narz Massoumi
  • Category: Interview

The Budget: Darling walks the tightrope

Darling tightropeAlastair Darling’s Budget attempted an impossible balance, playing up to deep-seated popular anger with the bankers and the City, whilst keeping the City entirely on board with the promise of public spending cuts.

  • Written by James Meadway
  • Category: Analysis

The sexualisation of young people: moral panic?

barbie tapemeasureThe Sexualisation of Young People Review commissioned by the Home Office is confused, simplistic and fails to situate sexual representation within a historical and social understanding of power and inequality.

  • Written by Caitlin J Murch
  • Category: Opinion

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